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Treasure Beach 2

Treasure Beach in the parish of St. Elizabeth lives up to its name as a gem on Jamaica’s South Coast. Its idyllic scenery‚ its long six mile stretch of golden sand and‚ most importantly‚ its authentic Jamaican vibe‚ takes this beach into the top five best-kept secrets on the island.

This amazing beach combines the aquamarine waters of Jamaica’s southern coastal waters with an awe-inspiring golden sand. It goes on for miles and is dotted with mostly rustic‚ laidback hangout spots. There are‚ generally‚ not too many other visitors‚ so beach clutter is at a minimum here.

Don’t expect easily available Jet Skis and other such watersport activities. Treasure beach is more about the relaxed Jamaica “No Problem” vibe than perhaps anywhere else on the island. Swimming‚ Snorkeling and Body Surfing top the physical activities list here. 

Keep in mind the beach is six miles long and it is easy to get caught up in your stroll. The beauty of the scenery and the cool Caribbean breeze has a tendency to let you wander off without realizing how far you’ve gone.


Some places to visit in St. Elizabeth

Pelican BarPelican Bar

YS FallsYS Falls

Treasure Beach 1Treasure Beach Fishing Village